Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Knowing just how important cleaning and maintaining your kitchen equipment is to you. Our catering services team was started to specialise in kitchen deep cleaning.

Taking kitchen deep cleaning to a new level

When Orbital Cleaning formed a dedicated catering services team, we gathered team members who have experience in the catering industry.

The team is selected from skilled operatives. Their experience comes from the catering, catering engineering, industrial cleaning and hospitality management areas.

Combined, this experience enables us to execute your cleaning requirements with ease, efficiency and high levels of effectiveness.

The common goal of all the team is to leave the kitchen how they would have expected it to be. However they all have high standards, so always go that one step further.

Post cleaning care

Once they have carefully and meticulously cleaned your valuable equipment and work areas, they will reset the area with care and attention.

Equipment, tabling and fabrication will be levelled off.

They will highlight any areas where this reset was not possible and advise on remedial actions required.

Silicone seals on tabling moved during the clean will be replaced.

The purpose of this enhanced level of service is to leave your kitchen easier and more time effective to maintain.

Of course you will also have a work area that you and your staff are proud of.

Post clean report

Then at the end of the clean, you will be given a post clean report, highlighting problem areas and advising on possible resolutions.

The report will contain both pre and post clean photographs and advise on any future cleaning regimes that will extend the effectiveness of your equipment.

If the deep clean was as a result of issues raised following an EHO inspection, then a dedicated report will be produced. This will also contain pre and post action photos, as well as detailing exactly how the issue was tackled and remedial actions taken for the future.

As a final flourish to the service, we can organise for cleaning training to be given to staff, so your now sparkling equipment will continue to serve you well.

Give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your needs and tailor you’re cleaning to achieve the best service for you.

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