Your time is precious and kitchen maintenance can be time consuming. Let Orbital Cleaning’s catering services team sort the issues causing you problems and inconvenience.

Your kitchen maintenance needs

As we all know, everyday tasks in your kitchen can be hampered by the small annoying things. 

  • Benches that wobble due to broken feet, or need levelling off. 
  • Damaged silicone seals on walls or benches that make it difficult to clean. 
  • Dish wash tabling that regularly leaves puddles on your floor from the runoff.

These issues and many more can be resolved quickly and easily, aiding your kitchen team to keep the high standards you strive for. 

Fast and effective solutions

Its just as quick and easy to get Orbital Cleaning to sort these issues.

Some problems are simple to diagnose over the phone, enabling us to simply assign an engineer.

Others we might have to look at first. But, if a quick fix is identified and you agree, our engineer can fix it there and then.

If the issues require a more attention, then we will organise the most convenient plan of action. Getting your kitchen sorted as soon as we possibly can.

For more details on this service or to sort out your issues..

  • Drop us a line, using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Or, give us a call

We will be happy to discuss your needs. Then organise one of our maintenance technicians to make your life easier.

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