Getting Orbital Cleaning to do your Extract system cleaning is effectively looking after the breathing apparatus of your kitchen. Protecting your staff and the environment.

Kitchen Extract System Cleaning and Certification

For your system to function efficiently, safely and hygienically it needs regular, professional extract cleaning and maintenance.

The build-up of greasy deposits on the surfaces of the ductwork and fans, will reduce airflow efficiency and create a good environment for bacteria to breed.

If not professionally maintained, these build-ups will become more difficult and time consuming to remove, quickly becoming a fire risk.

Canopy Cleaning

Because the removal of all the grease and carbon deposits from your canopies can be difficult during your daily cleaning routine. Firstly, Orbital cleaning will remove all these deposits, leaving your canopy spotlessly clean.  We will then deep clean your filters by treating with an enzyme dip, before flushing them clear and fully functional.  Finally, we will service the canopy leaving your surfaces easier to keep clean in the future.

Ductwork Cleaning

For many clients, the prospect of cleaning their ductwork leads to many questions.

How often does my system need cleaning?

What parts of my ducting and extraction machinery will be cleaned?

Will it improve the efficiency of my extract system?

A Orbital Cleaning survey and quote on your kitchen extract cleaning, will provide you with a full pre-clean report.

This will identify current condition of all areas and recommend frequency of cleaning, based on catering equipment usage. It will also identify problem areas and give recommendations of upgrades required to enable a full system clean if areas are currently inaccessible.

The Cleaning Process

On acceptance of our quote, Orbital Cleaning will organise one of our teams to service and clean your system.  All Build-up of deposits will be removed from all reachable surfaces of the ducting, leaving your system, safe, efficient and compliant.

Extraction Fan Cleaning

The extract fan connected to the ductwork will lose efficiency as deposits build up on and around the fan blades. This is also a significant fire risk.  The team will easily remove this from reachable surfaces of the fan, however if access to the fan is limited or denied access panels will need to be appropriately fitted.

Grease Filter Cleaning

All Grease filters in your system will receive a deep clean to keep the equipment working efficiently. The team will take out the filters remove deposits of grease and carbon, then soak them to ensure a deep and efficient clean is performed.

Post-Clean Verification of Cleanliness Report

On completion of a cleaning you will receive a Post-Clean Report.

This will demonstrate to the you, that the Orbital Cleaning team have performed the fire safety cleaning of your extraction system. It will describe the cleaning performed and if it was cleaned in its entirety. Any key risks or fire risks that remain will be highlighted, if a full clean was not possible.

Where additional works were carried out, it will detail the work performed.

The pre and post reading will be included as will pre and post clean photos.

A diagram of the system will be attached, showing layout and access points, on which non-accessible areas not cleaned will also be highlighted.

Finally the recommendations for frequency of cleaning will be detailed.

If all areas of the system were successfully cleaned to meet required levels of compliance set by UK legislation we will issue you with a ‘Fire Safe Kitchen Extract Cleaning Certificate’.

The certificate will clearly state if the whole system has been cleaned.

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