Catering Equipment Servicing

Regular catering equipment servicing, maintenance and cleaning is essential to all food premises. Orbital Cleaning’s team can help with your servicing, replacement and supply needs.

Trust Orbital Cleaning to understand your needs

The heart of your food establishment is the kitchen, or more so the equipment in it. So we appreciate why you want to keep it in peak condition. Therefore our team will assist you in this important aim.

When you entrust Orbital Cleaning with your valuable equipment needs, you can trust we fully understand the following key areas.

  • The life span and efficiency of your equipment can be dramatically reduced without regular cleaning and servicing. Our operatives are committed to revitalising your equipment to as near to new condition as they can establish.
  • In addition, we understand the inconvenience and potential financial loss, if a piece of equipment goes out of service for a period of time.  We will look to resolve such issues for you as quickly as possible, to get your kitchen back on its feet and functioning effectively again.
  • We also understand the financial and business impact involved in adding new equipment or fabrication to your kitchen. The projects team can advise on and organise for this, using our trusted, established professional suppliers. Through these we will get you the best product for your needs at great value for your money.

Our project managers will guide you through the whole process and be available to advise throughout.

Thinking of changing your layout?

Some clients have specific issues with the efficiency and flow of their kitchens. We use the considerable depth of knowledge within our teams, to advise on equipment and layout alternatives. Design services are available on request, with a dedicated manager assigned to your project.

For more information on any of the above services, please drop us a line or give us a call and we will organise a visit / quotation for you.

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